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  • We're Not in Kansas Anymore

    Ok I know I'm a little late to the party (kinda like Trump's message when he reads from a teleprompter) but I hadn't seen the new digs a.k.a. champagne room yet until today. Nice job Mr. Philly. It's a whole new world.

    I went ULTRA ultra ULTRA conservative and just refused to play anything this week until I saw something. By no means have I been digging every day but I've kept a 1 eye willie on things. Between my bookie's 40th bday Wed and Rodeo cook off this week, I'm looking forward to seeing the back of my eye lids this weekend.

    I like this tonight. I also noticed Elliot's last 2 games he's only given up a goal in each outing, usually not a good sign for the 3rd game.

    DET RED WINGSReg +.5........... 3.45u/3u - WINNER

    I like Detroit to win SU.

    (isn't a red wing just a cardinal? I'd prefer that over Det Boots lol..........ya missed the ramble didn't ya)
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    Good to have you back Stros. You can post pics now too so if you got any cowgirl shots from the rodeo cookoff...

    Red Wings have nothing to do with birds at all really. It's the wheeled wing logo that was adapted for the Motor City when some guy bought the team way back when.